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Japan has a wide variety of music. This page lists some styles of music as well as artists


J-Pop () or Japanese Pop is a popular type of music inside and outside of Japan. The famous artists in this genre are Ayumi Hamasaki and Utada Hikaru. Here is pictures of cd covers and a clip of japanese pop:

Hitomi Yoshizawa from Morning Musume

Ayumi Hamasaki


J-rock () is another popular style music, especially outside Japan. Groups such as T.M Revolution and X Japan or artists like Gackt are most famous in this genre. Here is pictures of cd covers and a clip of japanese rock:

Malice Mizer X Japan

Traditional Music

Traditional music is usually taught to geisha as part of their training, however their are a few artists whom also learn how to play the music. Here is p[ctures of some artists, their instruments and a clip of traditional Japanese music:

Geisha Playing a shamisen


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