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Books are very popular in Japan, they even can be bought in vending machines on the streets depending on where you look. This section will list the different kinds of books that you can buy in Japan and how they differ from westernized books.


Japanese Manga () which is similar to westernized cartoon books is the most popular form of book that is available in Japan. These books are sold in several shops, and also sold in vending machines as shown here:

Manga in Vending Machine

Other examples of manga are:

Blue Drop Manga Cover


Magazines () are very popular in Japan, especially among younger age groups, because they tell you what is new in Japan, and what fashions are popular in the streets of Shibuya. The magazines come in various shapes and sizes, all reading from right to left instead of the westernized left ro right. Here are some examples of magazine covers in Japan:

Egg Magazine

Megami Magazine

Magazine Shelf

Newspapers (Under Construction)

Newspapers (Shimbun or ) are similar to the newspapers that we find over here in the uk. However, like most Japanese literature, Japanese newspapers are written right to left instead of left to right. Here are some pictures of different types of Japanese Newspapers:

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