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For the height of fashion in Japan, you should look in the Shibuya district. Everything and anything that is fashionable will be there, and most of the trendy shops are also in this small district. There are tons of subcultures of fashion in Japan, and with this page, you will see just a small interpretation of what is currently fashionable in Japan.

Gothic Lolita/Sweet Lolita

One of the most famous styles of fashion in Japan to the outside world, Gothic and Sweet Lolita () can be found everywhere in Shibuya. A lot of the most popular designers have stores in Shibuya, and you will find many school age and teenage girls looking in the windows or walking down the street in some sort of Gothic lolita set up.

Here is some images of Gothic and Sweet Lolita:
Elegant Gothic Lolita from google images

Gyaru and Gyaru styles

Gal () or Gyaru () style is popular in Japan among the younger girls who follow certain Pop idols such as Ayumi Hamasaki or who wish to look more westernized. This fashion has gradually declined in the recent years, however, the magazines are still popular in Japan and many people outside of Japan are no trying to copy the fashion.

Example of Gyaru are:
Ganguro style from google images


Cosplay () or Costume Play is a well known thing in the western world. For those unsure, costume play is exactly what it sounds like, people dress up as their favourite character from a certain genre and roleplay as them in the streets or at special conventions. This is very popular in Japan, to the point that there is even shops where you can buy cosplay items.

Examples of cosplay are:
Meroko from Full Moon wo Sagashite. Image from

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