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There are lots of different types of food and drink in Japan, with westernized food becoming more and more popular. This page plans to show the kinds of Japanese food and what is contained in them as well as the drinks that you can sample in japan.


O-bento () as it is known as in formal japanese or just Bento () is a boxed lunch which can contain several different types of Japanese food in the one box. This is what is commonly made for school children by their parents. Here are examples of what a o-bento looks like:

Nintendo DS Bento

Windows XP Bento

Real Bento Box


Ramune () is a lemonade type drink made in Japan, however, this drink has a twist other than the range of flavours that it is in. This drink is made in a special bottle which uses a marb;e as the stopper. You have to turn the bottle in a way so that the marble lands in a certain area of the bottle without hurting you or going into the drink. Here are some pictures of ramune bottles:

Strawberry Ramune

Curry Ramune



Daifuku () is a sweet rice cake filled mostly with azuki beans, though it can be filled with other sweet foods. Daifuku come in many shapes and sizes, it also comes in different flavours. Here is pictures of daifuku:

Cherry Daifuku

Strawberry Daifuku

Green Tea Daifuku


Sake (Rice Wine or) is famous alcoholic drink drunk throughout Japan. It can either be served hot or cold and usually comes in a special sake bottle with small sake cups to drink it from. Here are some pictures of sake bottles and cups below:

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