Japanese Traditions

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Traditions in Japan have be all but lost in the recent years with only some customs such as festivals being kept. However, some aspects of the history has not died and you can see odd things about them around Japan


Geisha () are learners of many different types of traditional arts such as flower arranging () and learning how to play traditional instruments such as shimasen (). Westerners mistake geisha for prostitutes, however, this is not what they are. Here are some pictures of geisha:


Japanese Tea Ceremony


Samurai () are iconic in the history of Japan. Following the way of the warrior (bushido or ), the samurai were feared in old Japan and also respected by many. Samurai have long since died out, however, you can still see them in western films or buy items relating to them in Japan. Here is some pictures of Samurai:

Samurai Art


Samurai Armour


Yakuza () are a underground group similar to the mafia. These people are well known from all the tattoos that they have. Not much is known about the whereabouts of the yakuza currently. Here is some pictures of Yakuza:

Female Yakuza

Male Yakuza

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