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There are lots of different TV shows and companies in Japan just like in the west. This page covers just a small amount of these tv shows and shows you the differences between Japanese and western.


Anime () is the shortened form of Animation. This term is usually coined by western people to show the difference between Japanese animation and american animation, however, in Japan, the term Anime is for all types of animation, including their own. Here is some pictures of Japanese Animation:

Sailor Moon

Rosario + Vampire

Prism Ark


J-Drama (Dorama / terebi dorama or ドラマ / テレビドラマ) are a main staple of Japanese television and are shown daily in different hours and on different tv channels. Japanese Dramas, unlike soaps, are shown in a three month long seasons, which a new drama shown every season. These seasons are: Winter (January–March), Spring (April–June), Summer (July–September), and Autumn or Fall (October–December). Episodes are usually shot 2-3 weeks before they air on tv shows, unlike soaps also. Here are some pictures of famous Japanese Drama:

Variety Shows (Under Construction)

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