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Japan is known for its video game industry, even in the west where a lot of the games have been translated and imported here. This is one thing that people flock to Japan yearly to see, especially if it is during the time of the Tokyo Game Show. This page plans to show just a few of these styles of video games that Japan offers and explain why some will never hit western shores.

Danmaku/Bullet Hell

Danmaku () or bullet hell games are a style of shoot 'em up games available only in Japan. They are called 'bullet hell' or 'curtain fire' due to the amazing bullet displays graphically shown within these games.

Example Images of Danmaku Games:
Marisa Kirisame in subterranean animism screencapped by me

Letty Whiterock in Perfect Cherry Blossom screencapped by me

RPG (Under Construction)

Visual Novels

A visual novel is a popular variation of gameplay in Japan. This kind of game play literally tells you a story, and as you move through each scene or page, the story progresses. This type of game usually include character images as well as minimal voice acting and cutscenes made within the game, but never much more than that. These games can seem boring and tedious at times, however, a lot of them are well worth the play. Here are a few images of some of these types of games:

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